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23 Things wins LILAC’s Credo Digital Literacy Award 

23 Things for Digital Knowledge has been awarded the Credo Digital Literacy Award for LILAC 17.

Gold lettering on black background, reads: dLA Credo Digital Literacy Award 2017

The Credo Digital Award for Information Literacy rewards an innovative/high impact digital resource developed by a UK-based individual or group.

The award was judged by Katharine Reedy (Learning & Teaching Development Manager, Open University) and Josie Fraser (Social and Educational Technologist). Katharine explained: “we both agreed this is a superb resource which builds digital literacy through a well-designed combination of information, discovery and social interaction. It is very flexible in how it can be used, with bite-size chunks of learning, and accreditation through badging for those who wish to work through the whole course. It therefore appeals to a wide range of learners.” 

Created by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley from our Educational Design and Engagement team, 23 Things for Digital Knowledge is an open online self-paced course designed to encourage digital literacy and is aimed to be of use to a broad audience. 

The course content, except where otherwise stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY) and Charlie actively encourages others to take the course and adapt it. So please do!  All of the excellent images used on the website were created by Stuart Brett and our Interactive Content team, and are also available on a CC BY licence and can be downloaded from the Interactive Content Flickr account

Keep an eye on the 23 Things for Digital Knowledge website for information on the 2017/18 version launching in September which will run over a longer time period with increased online hangouts, twitter chats, and interaction both on and offline.