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3D visor model on Sketchfab

In this time of Covid-19 crisis our ISG teams in UCreate Makerspace have been working hard to develop PPE for anyone who needs it.

Monochrome render of 3D Verkstan Stackable Protective Visor

They have shared the design of the  3D stackable visor model they have been developing at uCreateStudio.  The model has been uploaded by the Open Education Resources Service team to Sketchfab so it can be downloaded under open licence. This makes the design available to anyone to make, re-use and adapt further as they wish.  Great work from our 3D print teams.

Download the 3D model from Sketchfab (CC BY-SA)

Open.Ed article with additional details

Video demonstration

Video: 3D Verkstan PPE Visors
uCreate Studio - Edited 3D Verkstan PPE Visors for NHS


(Ed. This article was originally published on 6 May, 2020)