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Xia Peisu (1923-2014)

Computer scientist and educator

Xia Peisu, mother of Chinese computer science

Xia Peisu has been hailed “the mother of computer science in China.” She began her doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh in 1947 and graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1950. After returning to China, she was recruited by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Peisu eventually became a founding professor of the Academy’s Institute of Computing Technology and led the development of Model 107, China’s first locally designed general-purpose computer.

Throughout her long career, Peisu made numerous contributions to the advancement of high-speed computers in China and helped establish both the Chinese Journal of Computers and the Journal of Computer Science and Technology. A devoted educator, she taught China’s first course in computer theory and mentored numerous students. In 2010, the China Computer Federation honoured Peisu with its inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her pioneering work in China’s computer industry.

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