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Innovation Programme

Contribute to Information Services Innovation by submitting your idea for our 2018/19 Innovation programme.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is everything; it creates opportunities; introduces new ways to do something; it makes ISG a more exciting place to work. Looking forward is essential in any business and higher education is no exception. Inspiration leads to innovation and innovation inspires.

The purpose of this theme is to provide the environments, cultures and platforms that foster innovation not only within ISG, but across the whole University. Within ISG, we will provide time and space for staff to innovate; recognising and rewarding innovative ideas. Whilst everyone likes to 'win' or to 'succeed', we learn even more from our failures and so we will encourage staff to explore the 'shots in the dark' by ensuring that there is a "safe to fail" culture around innovation and R&D.

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What kind of ideas are we looking for?

Any ideas for a project, investment, change, collaborative or initiative.

Applications can be for new projects, investments, changes, collaborations or initiatives. They can be for brand new services, increasing student satisfaction, decreasing cost, increasing quality, investments or anything that speaks to the University, Group or Divisional objectives, visions or goals. Generally, applications should be limited to £50K or less; it is anticipated that the bulk will be <£10k. You should provide some detail on what the money will be spent on. You can also attach documents or supporting material the application form. The types of spend are not restricted. Any ISG member can apply to any fund. You are allowed to fail. 

Innovation is part of the R&D and learning experience.

2018/19 Innovation Programme

The Innovation Programme for 2018/19 is now up and running. All this year's projects can be viewed on the Innovation Programme Website.