School of Informatics

Travel Fund 'National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science'

3rd year computer science and mathematics student Susanne Koster was awarded £250 from the Informatics Travel Fund to go to Amsterdam to undertake an internship at CWI (Cenrtrum Wiskunde and Informatica)

Photos from the CWI internship

Susanne shared information about the experience and gave advice for those thinking about internships.

What was the internship?

I had an internship at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands where I worked in the group Computational Imaging. The group focusses on improving/inventing computational X-Ray/synchrotron tomography. Under supervision, I performed multiple X-Ray scans to collect data for reconstruction which uses python libraries and mathematics to map the 2D projections onto a 3D volume. In discussion with my supervisor, we designed a miniature research project which focussed on automating the process from data collection till the end result.


Cenrtrum Wiskunde and Informatica


The internship was set in a research environment which reminded me a lot of the University. Everyone in the group was very enthusiastic and more than happy to help me understand the material. I had an amazing summer and I feel more confident going into employment after University.


My internship was a big success due to the fact that I had agreements with the Institute on the topics and level expected of me before the start of the internship. I do advise everyone to actively approach companies even if they don't advertise their placements since they usually admire your initiative.