School of Informatics

Employ.ed on Campus Web Developer/Tester Internship

3rd year BSc Cognitive Science student Anita Klementiev undertook an on campus internship during the summer of 2018.

What was your internship?

Web Developer/Tester, Information Services

Description of your role and responsibilities

I worked on the development of an internal tool which helps website managers to monitor and evaluate key areas of their website. The main goal of the internship was to improve the tool's tracking cookie auditing capabilities in order to help ensure that University websites are complaint with data protection and privacy regulations.

What interested you in this specific role?

I had worked for Information Services before, but I had never worked much in web or front-end development. The position sounded interesting and I was eager to pick up some new skills and apply them to a project that would be valuable to the university.

How have you benefited from this experience?

I have picked up many new skills which I can apply to future projects and have also improved my ability to work in teams and manage my own time.

What advice would you give to future interns?

Don't be afraid to ask questions, but also take the time to improve your research and problem-solving skills without outside help. Take advantage of all the free events and training available to you during your internship.


Examples of work

Employ.ed on Campus