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Employ.ed on Campus Informatics Communications Internship

2nd year BSc Computer Science Sophie Leaver undertook an on campus internship during the summer of 2018.

What was your internship?

Informatics Communications Internship - the School of Informatics Communications Department

Description of your role and responsibilities

It was my role to act as a guide for incoming Informatics student to the university this September. Using my own personal experiences, the experiences of fellow university and Informatics students, and the guidance of the comms team I helped students feel more comfortable and aware about studying at Edinburgh. I replied to student questions about student life and administrative help (e.g. visas) through email and various social media, whilst moderating and providing information to the students through Facebook groups, slack, instagram, and twitter.

Other things I did

  • Organise a live stream for the incoming PGT students to interact with the current students about course choices and their experiences here
  • Start the re-doing of the prospective student section on the Informatics website, through updating content and collating new "student experience" profiles from current Inf students
  • Create several informative resources such as an FAQ, Student advice (things students wished they knew before they got here), infographics, a map of the Edinburgh university campus etc.  

Essentially, just collating any useful information I can find for incoming students to make them feel well informed.

What interested you in this specific role?

I wanted to see what it was like to work within the School of Informatics, being a student in this School. This internship would give me opportunity to interact with students from the perspective of a member of staff.

Inspiring futures

I also wanted to gain experiences useful to my career later on when applying for jobs- by participating in this internship I wanted to improve my communication abilities (verbally and how to present information through social media and blog posts), my digital content skills, and any other skills I could along the way!

How have you benefited from this experience?

Working independently from the communications team most of the time, I do feel more confident in my own abilities and opinions within the workplace. I wanted to improve on my intuition skills and I believe I have gotten better at trusting my own opinion and carrying out tasks that I think will be helpful without always wanting confirmation from colleagues.

I think this internship will be a good addition to my CV, especially in the communication and web skills I developed (editing web content, and using Photoshop and illustrator to help create content and adjust photos). I am interested in further developing these creative skills and I do believe I will use them later in university or even in jobs, so I am glad to have build the foundations.

What advice would you give to future interns?

Think carefully about which internship you want to do and the skills you will learn - how will they be useful for your future career and whether you can put them on your CV.

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