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HYPED is the UK’s number 1 Hypleroop team having qualified for SpaceX Hypleroop Pod Competion Finals three years in a row. Hypleroop is a concept to revoutionise transport around the world. By creating vacuum tubes carrying magneticaly propelled vehicles, the cost and energy usage of conventional transport could be decreased by substantial amounts, helping address the global climate crisis.

Since 2015, when HYPED was founded here at the University of Edinburgh, students from all backgrounds have been working together to design and manufacturer prototype pods designed to achieve high speeds of up to 200 mph whilst utilising magnetic propulsion and levitation. Amongst all the engineering challenges presented in such a large-scale project software plays a large part in making what the students do at HYPED possible.



Informatics students in HYPED develop the control system for our pod. This includes everything from working with low-level embedded systems, through networking and software testing, to UI and UX. Students learn C++ and Git, knowledge of which is assumed by some courses, but none teach it. Moreover, Git is an essential tool for any professional in the software industry. On top of these basic technical skills, HYPED provides an opportunity to work on a large scale complex project and learn about management of such teams as well as how to ensure smooth integration between various software and hardware components.

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