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EdIntelligence is a student society for everything Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science-related.

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EdIntelligence aims to provide students with access to information and experiences concerning various aspects that are not otherwise available through the School or University.


Throughout the year they invite professors, professionals and PhD students to share their current work and views on a variety of topics allowing their members to learn from their experiences.

They host workshops, competitions, talks and socials - all with a goal to prepare their members for the career path they desire. 

We Need to Talk about AI

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Since 2018 EdIntelligence has been working closely with the School of Informatics and since 2019 with Edinburgh Futures Institute to deliver a series of public events, called We Need to Talk about AI. They invite insightful speakers from across disciplines including informatics, humanities, and social sciences. The aim is to have an informed debate with a variety of perspectives on the important topics concerning advances in AI and modern technology. Topics discussed so far: Big Data, future of work, autonomous weapons, intelligent machines, biases and fairness. Future events will look at assistive technologies.

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