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Student societies

There are a large number of student societies available throughout the University.

Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) provide support to hundreds of student societies and can even help you set up your own.

EUSA student societies

Women in Informatics

Edinburgh Hoppers (the Hoppers), our student-run women in technology group,  has been going strong since September 2005. Hoppers organise a regular programme of activities, work with the School's Equality and Diversity Committee to promote women in tech and provide a peer-support network for female students in the School. The group is named after computer science pioneer Grace Hopper.

Hoppers Facebook group

Hoppers website 

Subject-related societies

CompSoc - Edinburgh University Artificial Intelligence and Computer Society.

GameDevSoc - A society for game developers, newbies and seasoned game devs welcome!

Computer Game Society (GameSoc) - A society dedicated to video gaming.

EaRS - Embedded and Robotics Society.

EdIntelligence - Provides events, workshops and tech talks to students interested in Machine Learning.

SIGINT - A group for students interested in Cyber Security.

Cognitive Science Society - Provides a community for students in Cognitive Science, and anyone else interested.


Edinburgh University Sports Union - coordinates the sports clubs within the University.

Informatics has its own football group:

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