School of Informatics

Youssef Al Hariri

Youssef, an MSc Artificial Intelligence student, talks about being a Syrian student at the University of Edinburgh.

Name Youssef Al Hariri
Degree Course MSc Artificial Intelligence

Why Informatics at the University of Edinburgh?

Youssef Al Hariri

Since my childhood, computers are my passion; and my dream was to get a high degree in informatics. In fact, as a Syrian student, University of Edinburgh was an out of reach dream because of its reputation as one of most respectful universities in AI, NLP and Data Science. However, by committing its diversity and equality values, the university helped to achieve my dream, and here I am looking forward to graduation day.

What are your interests outside of studying?

I enjoy discovering something new in web and software design. Also, I like discussing politics and history with my colleagues, friends and strangers.

Tell us about your time studying with us

Well, it was great combination of pleasance and difficult times. I can say the I enjoyed working hard to survive the assessments. In addition, I really appreciate that I was taught by the highly-qualified and well-respected professors and instructors from around the world. They taught us about the most recent technologies, algorithms and inventions in different AI courses in a motivational and safe environment.

What advice would you offer to prospective students?

Follow your dream, follow your passion, invest in your future. By studying at the University of Edinburgh you won’t only have a degree; but, you will be an influential scientist or a creative innovator. You will enjoy spending time in safe and motivational facilities that are equipped with the latest technologies.

What are you planning to do in the future?

University of Edinburgh opens horizons to its students; so, I look forward to enjoying study the PhD at the University of Edinburgh. With enthusiastic, I am determined to be a scientist in artificial intelligence, NLP and linguistics.