School of Informatics

Viktorija Lukosiute

In 2018/19 Viktorija is in her 4th year of our Computer Science programme.


Viktorija Lukosiute

Programme Computer Science
2018/19 Year 4

Viktorija joined the School of Informatics in 2015/16. A computer science student with an interest in video-game development due to it's problem solving aspects.

Year 3

Why Informatics?

Informatics is a very varied course and I guess that’s what got me so hooked. Plenty of topics to choose from and who knows how many more will be introduced in the future – machine learning, security, data, language processing… Having some interest in technology really helps as well, but there’s even a creative side to this degree that I discovered once in university. It just fit and proved to be very fun as well.  

Why Edinburgh?

Besides making sure I chose the right degree, I had other non-study related things on my mind – diversity, social life and nature. It just so happened that Edinburgh ticked all of that and even more. It’s a great place if you want to meet and make friends with people from around the world. The city itself is a great place to spend your student days as there’s a varied choice of cultural events happening every week and the North of Scotland is beautiful for a weekend’s getaway.

Tell us about your time studying with us?

Thinking back, the 3 years spent in UoE included more discoveries and activities than in my entire 18 years before coming here. Since my first year I got very involved with student societies and the school of Informatics itself. With some other students and the school travelled to India for a hackathon, went to loads of tech conferences, learned a thing or two, met my closest friends and even overcame my picky eating habits. The remaining year can only bring more of the unusual… 

What advice would you offer a prospective student?

University of Edinburgh has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of opportunities. None of them are too obvious or simply handed out to you, instead you should be proactive and talk to people, look for opportunities. Some professors have projects that are just waiting for someone who has the time and interest! If you get stuck – don’t be afraid to ask help, even from older students. Everyone was a first year at some point and knows how it feels and as you go along you will learn. All the best for whatever path you choose. "

I never get bored with it. It’s a course that constantly keeps improving me as a person and helps me explore all the opportunities - I really enjoy what I do.

What are your interests outside of studying?

I love to teach others and help people learn about technology, so quite a bit of my time has been spent while volunteering and mingling within societies. When I have the time, I also discovered my passion for hiking and am learning more about mountaineering. Oh, and how could I ever say no to a good book with a cup of coffee?

Year 2

Viktorija took part in our Girls in Tech film series when she was in Year 2. Here is a short excerpt from the video:

Watch the full video below:

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