School of Informatics

Qais Patankar

Qais graduated with BEng in Computer Science programme in 2020.

Name Qais Patankar
Degree BEng Computer Science
Qais Patankar

Why Informatics at the University of Edinburgh?

The School of Informatics has fantastic facilities and a great reputation for research. Edinburgh is such an amazing city and the tech community here is so welcoming and encouraging. There are so many opportunities (both Informatics related and extracurricular) available throughout the calendar year. The size of the city is just perfect — it’s not at all daunting and it’s impossible to run out of stuff to do!

What are your interests outside of studying?

I spend a lot of time outside my degree getting involved with tech societies like CompSoc and Tardis, and this complements my degree really well. I also go to lots of hackathons and work on interesting side-projects in my free time.

Tell us about your time studying with us.

In my first year, I found the compulsory mathematics courses very similar to the mathematics A-Levels I had studied for in school. Even though I had prior experience with programming, the compulsory courses for Computer Science were very engaging.

What advice would you offer a prospective student?

If you’re not yet sure about what you want to do, the degree is very flexible and there are so many courses for you to pick from in the final two years of your degree. Definitely get involved with societies and definitely do ask questions (even before you get here!) If you’re into maths or the theoretical side of things, this degree is perfect for you!

What are you planning to do in the future?

I still have two years left of my Computer Science degree but I do plan to go into Computer Science as a Software Engineer when I graduate — I’m just not sure where!