School of Informatics

Mihaela Stoian

Mihaela graduated with Masters of Informatics programme in 2019. During her 2nd year, she undertook a research internship within the School of Informatics.

Name Mihaela Stoian
Programme MInf
Graduated 2019

Year 2 Internship

In my second year of studies I encountered the Natural and Formal Language Processing course which has both fascinated and motivated me to improve my knowledge in this area. A research internship proved to be the best choice that would let me achieve this goal.

I did my internship in the School of Informatics, supervised by Sharon Goldwater and Herman Kamper. I found out about it through email correspondence with the School, after my Personal Tutor encouraged me to do so. It lasted two and a half months over the summer and I worked seven hours per day. The payment followed the University’s salaries scale for undergraduate students.

My task was to set up a pipeline for determining an error rate given an input speech transcription by using the ABX minimal pair criterion. After writing the code for this pipeline, I ran tests with different parameters for analysis purposes.

I needed Python programming skills, natural language processing and basic computer knowledge.

This internship provided me with better insight into the research environment. What surprised me was the scale of the applicability of the project and the ways in which it could be extended. Being exposed to this allowed me to organize my code better and get additional skills and information on speech processing methods.

If you are starting an internship, try to expand its scope and learn as many things as possible from the people with whom you are working.