School of Informatics

Constance Crowe

Connie Crowe studied Master of Informatics (MInf) and graduated in 2018.

Name Connie Crowe
Programme Master of Informatics (MInf)
Graduated 2018

Year 5

Why Informatics?

When I was younger, my computer got infected by ransomware. I looked up how to fix the issue  and eventually succeeded. I thought that it was really interesting how it all worked. As a result, I applied for Maths and Computer Science as a joint degree, but ended up liking the CS side so much that I dropped the maths.

Why Edinburgh?

When I visited the university during the open day, I really loved Edinburgh. The town is beautiful, and there is always something happening. The University of Edinburgh is also particularly good for Informatics, so the decision to come here wasn’t very difficult to make.

What are your interests outside of studying?

I joined a lot of societies when I started university. My favourite is definitely the Murder Mystery Society

What advice would you offer a prospective student?

Join societies! They really are a great way of trying new things and getting to know people with similar interests. I would also suggest talking to older students in your department. Getting advice about areas which could interest you early on can be helpful in choosing your courses.

What are you planning to do in the future?

I have a graduate position as a software engineer.

Year 4

Connie took part in our Girls in Tech video series.

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