School of Informatics

Angus Lowe

Angus graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Physics in 2019. In year 2, he gave us an insight into his student journey.

Name: Angus Lowe
Programme: Computer Science and Physics
Graduated 2019

Year 2 Profile

Why Informatics?

I think that a lot, if not all, of what’s interesting in the world today has to do with computers in one way or another, which is exciting to think about as a student in Informatics.  I initially developed an interest in computer science because of the kind of abstract thinking that’s involved in solving problems in the field, which ultimately have roots in both theory and the real world. Abstract thinking with real world applications is pretty cool.

Why Edinburgh?

Image of Angus Lowe

I chose Edinburgh because it’s a meeting point for so many cultures but also has its own history, and the School of Informatics is a testament to that.  I think people – not just me – choose to study at the University of Edinburgh because of its reputation but that’s also a self-fulfilling prophecy in that the students who choose Edinburgh because of its reputation are motivated to study well because of it. I know I am for sure.

What do you do for fun?

When I’m not studying I like to play basketball and the saxophone. I enjoy sports and music. My favourite TV show is Mr Robot and sometimes I play video games.

 In terms of societies, I’m a committee member for the Young Scientific Researchers Association (EUYSRA) here, I’m a class rep for my maths course and I’m a contributor for EU:Sci (a student-run science communication group which publishes a magazine and podcasts). I also developed EU:Sci’s website.

I love studying in coffee shops here, with background chatter, knowing there’s a good chance that I will bump into someone I know - since Edinburgh isn’t a very big city – or that I’ll meet someone new from a unique background. I also like the atmosphere here.

Any tips for prospective students?

If you’re thinking about studying here, keep your options open. There are so many different fields you can pursue, even within Informatics, that you couldn’t possibly know what you want to do after just a year. Don’t lock in too early.