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Working in partnership with PwC, the University of Edinburgh have created a new BSc Data Science Graduate Apprenticeship programme to blend traditional study with workbased learning.

Programme Overview

The BSc Data Science Graduate Apprenticeship programme provides an exciting opportunity to study for a degree and blend this with working for PwC at intervals throughout the programme. Graduate Apprentices are full-time employees of PwC throughout the duration of the programme.

Year 1

You will be introduced to basic principles of programming and computation. You will learn how information can be represented and processed in computer systems, as well as fundamental techniques to manage data and solve problems using computer programs. The year also includes courses in mathematics necessary for all areas of Data Science. Together these form the foundations of more in-depth study of Data Science in future years.

After completing the first year, the summer will be spent working at PwC with time to reflect on applying your learning to the workplace.

Year 2

You will build on Year 1, covering more advanced mathematics, programming and data structures. You will develop greater understanding of algorithms, learning from data, and mathematics. Option courses include a variety of subjects from different schools across the University.

After completing the second year, the summer will be spent working at PwC with time to reflect on applying your learning to the workplace this will continue your professional development

Year 3

Semester 1 of the third year will be on campus and your studies will become more focused.  You will have a choice in selecting specialised courses, according to your own interests, from a range of semester 1 options in mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Coursework assignments typically provide you with experience in practical work, independent problem solving, and group work. Your exact curriculum depends on your selected courses. Options offered in recent years include courses in the mathematics and statistics of data science, machine learning, algorithms, databases, and AI.

After Semester 1 you will work in PLC until the start of your fourth year of study. This will run from January to August. During this work period you will be jointly assessed by PWC and the University.  This will contribute to your final transcript.

Year 4

In semester 1 you will choose from a number of advanced course options in mathematics, artificial intelligence and computer science to build a portfolio according to your interests.

Year 4 includes an individual honours project which will be industry based during semester 2, where you will learn to develop a viable project starting from a given topic. You will have PWC guidance in selecting your project and a supervisor to guide you.


You will be productively employed during your time in the workplace and will play an active, and valued, part on project teams and will make meaningful contributions to fee earning client projects. You will be equipped with the opportunity to apply your learning in a challenging but fully supported environment. PwC has a client base ranging from local to multinational and global companies, across all sectors and industries.

You will be fully supported in the PwC workplace, you will have a dedicated people manager, buddies, mentors, a dedicated development team, and will still be able to access all of the University support systems too.

Alongside developing your technical skills with PwC you will develop a combination of interpersonal skills (eg rapport building, behavioural styles, working in a team and networking) and consulting skills, (eg models of consulting, distinctive business advisor, change management and analytical skills) embedding the PwC Experience.


This programme is only available to those who don't require a visa to study in the UK.

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