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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We explore the fundamental computational processes required to learn advanced capabilities from data or experience, and demonstrate the impact of the resulting methods in problem-driven research across many fields.

Data science and AI involves understanding the fundamental basis for computational learning and reasoning. As that understanding develops, it enables methods that can derive new information, suggest autonomous action and aid human decision making.

Using images, sensor data, audio and video, written text or more structured knowledge like databases and rules, the approaches we develop can discover complex patterns, categorise information, make predictions, and draw conclusions from this information. Our School hosts four institutes that focus on a range of specialist areas across data science and AI including machine learning, natural language processing, image and speech recognition, representation and reasoning, biomedical analysis and intelligent decision making.

With every advance of AI, there remain both fundamental questions about the basis of learning and issues to be solved. Tackling these challenges through problem-driven and fundamental research both improves understanding and enables hitherto unforeseen approaches across many domains.

Michael RovatsosPersonal Chair of Artificial Intelligence
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