School of Informatics

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The objective of an MPhil is to produce a research worker who has acquired a good all-round knowledge of Informatics, in-depth knowledge of a specialist area, and the research skills to carry out and present a piece of original research for submission for a higher degree.

Programme structure

The MPhil degree requires a minimum of two years of supervised research study, and is awarded on the basis of a thesis and oral examination.

The first year of MPhil studies is probationary. Towards the end of the year you will be expected to submit a thesis proposal which identifies a specific research topic, reviews the relevant literature, outlines a plan of research to address the topic, and describes progress made so far. You will normally be expected to attend lectures relevant to your research topic. These lectures, chosen in consultation with your supervisor, may be selected from the modules offered to taught MSc students or may be specialist seminars.

Talks and seminars

You will also attend meetings of research groups relevant to your area of interest. Most research groups have such meetings on a regular basis.

During the second year you will carry out independent research according to your plan and complete a thesis, to be submitted at the end of the year, followed by an oral examination.

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