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New doctoral programmes

The School of Informatics is positioned at the forefront of computer science, artificial intelligence and information science. We aspire for our programmes to evolve as the research in these areas evolves. Soon, we will be offering doctoral training programmes in new and emerging fields.

Machine Learning Systems

Machine Learning has a dramatic impact on our daily lives built on the back of improved computer systems. Systems research and ML research are symbiotic. Modern systems research targets the ubiquitous need for efficient ML. ML research, conversely, is directly affected by how methods will be deployed. Furthermore, systems research increasingly explores ML methods to improve systems, and ML research develops such methods.

Major gains are made when the development of ML and systems are symbiotic and co-optimized. This is relevant across a broad spectrum of industries: in-car systems, medical devices, phones, sensor networks, condition monitoring systems, high-performance compute, and high-frequency trading.

This PhD programme will develop researchers with expertise across the systems-ML stack. Company engagement is an integral part of the programme with built-in internships alongside entrepreneurship training. The PhD programme in Machine Learning Systems will position students for strong, ethically aware technical careers, developing the next generation of leaders.

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