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Informatics students win bronze in an international programming competition

RemotED, a team from the School of Informatics were placed 12th out of 129, winning a bronze medal, at the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest 2021 (NWERC), an official regional contest in the International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Tariq Elahi will work on a project aimed at keeping children safe online

A consortium that includes Informatics’ researcher Tariq Elahi has been awarded £85,000 by the UK Government to tackle one of society’s most pressing issues - keeping children safe online while using encrypted messaging apps such as Signal, WhatsApp or Viber. Edinburgh-based Cyan Forensics Ltd lead on the project with Crisp (Leeds) and Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) also involved.

Informatics researchers to help make autonomous systems more responsible

Nadin Kokciyan and Michael Rovatsos will be working on one of the strands of a multi-disciplinary project that seeks to address responsibility gaps in autonomous systems. Informatics researchers will focus on the development of new techniques and tools for making autonomous systems more answerable. The project is led by Professor Shannon Vallor, Director of the Centre for Technomoral Futures at the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

School of Informatics graduates from 25 years ago meet online

2021 marked 25 years since the University of Edinburgh Computer Science, Joint Degrees and M.Eng. Class of 1996 graduated. The occasion called for a reunion and as the pandemic got in the way of meeting in person, an online reunion was hosted on 16th October 2021.

Ross Anderson looks into impact of client-side scanning on citizen’s privacy

In a recent report Ross Anderson and colleagues analyse solutions for mass surveillance through software embedded in users’ devices, as opposed to the current practice of monitoring people’s communications.