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Proposal by Michio Honda accepted in response to Facebook 2021 Networking RFP

Michio Honda has received a Research Award from Facebook for his proposal: ‘Flexible transport scale-out with modern NICs’, one of six winning submissions to the 2021 Networking request for proposals in internet and web services.

Michio Honda
Michio Honda, Lecturer in Networked Systems at the School of Informatics

Facebook is one of the biggest internet content providers in the world. Every day, billions of people connect with each other through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other Facebook products. Facebook’s ability to connect people is built upon the internet and web services, one of the most critical infrastructures in the modern world.

To foster further innovation in internet and web services, and to deepen their collaboration with academia, Facebook invited faculty to respond to their call for research proposals.

Each year, the Networking team at Facebook focus on specific topics that can benefit the research community and Facebook. This year, they sought proposals focusing on internet and web services.

In his winning proposal, Michio Honda details a host-based networking architecture to expand service capacity or reliability dynamically, which has a potential to ease deployment and management of the network infrastructure that supports scale-out services. This technology thus has potential to enable affordable cloud storage services and improve the quality of web page loading time of objects like photos.

The Networking team at Facebook received 59 high-quality proposals from 11 countries and 49 universities. Six winners and eight finalists were accepted.

It was impressive to see the deep insight and varied approaches proposed by this year’s submissions, with many proposals that fused network protocols with application context. We look forward to working with 2021 winners to enable advancement in this important technology space.

Sanjay SaneSoftware Engineering Manager at Facebook

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