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Our BSc in AI hits Forbes top 10 ranking for 2021 AI courses

School of Informatics BSc in Artificial Intelligence programme was named among the 10 best AI and data science undergraduate courses for 2021 by Forbes.

Appleton Tower
Appleton Tower, our student teaching hub

The author of the report points out that AI and data science are hot topics in technology and business today, so more and more courses in these subjects are being offered worldwide. Graduates of these subjects have excellent career opportunities, with starting salaries nearing 6 figures not being unheard of.

School of Informatics graduates certainly have outstanding career prospects in IT industry and beyond: they comfortably secure roles with employers such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, SkyScanner, Intel, ARM, Samsung, NVIDIA, Keysight, RockStar North as well as RBS, JP Morgans, Citigroup.

Our school has a record number of startups and spinouts over the last ten years including those set up by our alumni, such as Fanduel, Robotical or PlayerData.

The report highlights that our programme introduces students to basics of computation and programming and builds on this knowledge to develop a greater understanding of software development, decision making, learning from data, and the internals of computers or computer systems. In year 3 our students are offered an opportunity to take courses in robotics, computer processing of language, machine learning, and automated reasoning as well as computer security, operating systems or computer networks.

Other programmes mentioned in the Forbes report are: Data Science programmes at Harvard University, University of Michigan, Columbia University, Stanford and LSE; Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Artificial Intelligence BSc at Carnegie Mellon, UG programmes at Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT and Statistics with Data Science at Brigham Young University, Utah.

The University of Edinburgh is currently ranked 24 in THES world ranking for computer science.

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