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Sold out Informatics events at the Pint of Science 2019

Informatics researchers will be presenting next week at the grassroots science festival Pint of Science in The Tron pub in Edinburgh.

Five Informatics researchers will be talking about developments in AI and robotics research to a non-specialist audience in an informal setting of an Edinburgh pub. 

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Adventures in AI

Dave Roberson and Alan Bundy will be talking about advantages of AI as opposed to its threats on Tuesday in the Troon whereas Barbara Webb, Ram Ramamoorthy, and Vaishak Bell will take the audience on adventures with a robot on Wednesday. Both events are sold out.

Prof Robertson will introduce the history of AI research and how this area was shaped in Edinburgh and wonder about where it’s going to take us next. Prof Bundy will explain in this talk why we shouldn't worry about smart machines turning on us.

The speakers on the second night will tackle the subject of ethics of AI and AI in robotics. Should we regulate artificial intelligence? If we regulate now, will it impede technological innovation? And what can insects teach us about advanced robotics?

Meet the scientist

Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival that takes place 20-22 May and brings researchers to your local pub to present their scientific discoveries. The audience doesn’t need any prior knowledge, and this is a chance to meet the people responsible for the future of science (and have a pint with them).

The theme for #pint19 is "What Next?". Pint of Science events fall into the following topics:

Beautiful Mind - neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry

Atoms to Galaxies - physics, chemistry, maths, astronomy

Our Body - medicine, human biology, health

Planet Earth - geosciences, plant sciences, zoology

Tech Me Out - biotechnology, robotics, computers

Our Society - law, history, politics, policy, languages

Creative Reactions - art and science come together 


NB There has been a change of venue. These events will now take place in 32 Below.

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