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First ever quantum hackathon in Scotland to be held in Informatics

First ever quantum hackathon in Scotland will be held in the School of Informatics in July 2019

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QuHackEd is the first Quantum Hackathon in Scotland, and one of the first such events in the UK. It will provide participants with dedicated training by experienced researchers working in the field of Quantum Computing and Information, guided by talks given at a variety of levels.

Two tracks will be available, with corresponding talks and challenges accompanying each track. The first requires no knowledge of Quantum computing, but some basic mathematics and Python is desirable. Introductory talks and problem sets will build up familiarity with the field. The second track is aimed at those already working in the field of Quantum Information, or those with some experience in the area, and will tackle more involved problems, including some open problems and interesting new research directions. Collaboration and networking between the two tracks will be encouraged.

The theme of the event is 'Applications and Testing for Near Term Quantum Computers', which includes problems such as determining if the output of a Quantum Computation is correct,  and challenges in the blossoming field of Quantum Machine Learning. Participants will also get the chance to access, program and run their challenges on a real Quantum Computer, provided by Rigetti Computing.

Sponsors include the School of Informatics, SICSA, NQIT, and Rigetti Computing.

The event is open to everyone and all abilities. The organisers hope to attract Scottish PhD and masters students in particular.

Attendees can register, and sign up to the mailing list via the event website. Places are limited.


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