School of Informatics

UK and Ireland Programming Contest came to Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was one of the 14 universities in UK and Ireland that hosted UKIEPC this year, and the School of Informatics was one of the participating sites.

Photo from the competition

The School of Informatics hosted a site with 22 teams of up to three Edinburgh students. Our top two teams, "Edu-Hoc" and "Scotch++", finished 15th and 22nd respectively and were the top teams from Scotland. Our two teams will represent the University in the next round of ICPC, the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest, next month in Eindhoven.

Altogether 174 teams took part. Teams were presented with twelve hard programming problems and were given five hours to solve them. Only algorithmically efficient solutions were considered correct.

UKIEPC is a programming competition for undergraduate and postgraduate students and leads to the prestigious International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC).

CompSoc were co-organising the event.

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