School of Informatics

Informatics ProgClub Competition

Raitis Krikis fetched the first prize in the annual ProgClub Competition. Uday Patel and Mateusz Parafinski were awarded 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

Montage ProgClub Competition 2018

The Programming Club for the undergraduate students is regularly organised by Hugh Leather and Volker Seeker. The intention of the club is to give students more programming experience beyond what the regular curriculum can offer and work on some fun programming projects. Additionally, they offer practice exercises with programming competition type questions. Occasionally, they organise a special session such as interview training or an actual programming competition.

Programming competitions are held once or twice per academic year and all undergraduate students can participate. Tomasz Kosciuszko and Mihai Enache are currently two student demonstrators for the programming club. They are themselves experienced participants in national programming competitions. They put the competition questions together and setup the system the competition is run on.

This year's competition was held on 26th March. 15 participants took part. They had 90 minutes to solve 4 programming questions with increasing difficulty. They were then ranked by how many questions they had solved correctly and how fast they had done it. The three winners who got Amazon vouchers and everyone who participated got a little medal.

Catering for the programming club is always provided but due to public demand the usual cupcakes were topped up by some fruit.

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