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New student society in Machine Learning: EdIntelligence

EdIntelligence is the newest student society in the School of Informatics.

It aims to provide students interested in machine learning with access to extracurricular information through tech talks, workshops and various other events. Stefanie Speichert from EdIntelligence committee explains:

"We had a slow start so we are still in the process of networking and building links, but we’re gearing up and have a number of projects in the pipeline."

Gonçalo Correia, Shubham Agrawal and Cian Eastwood join Stefanie on the society’s committee.

Past events and plans

The society teamed up with their industrial partner Amazon to organise machine learning interview workshop and are planning another one soon. They also hosted tech talks by Steve Renals, Iain Murray and Charles Sutton about different applications of Deep Learning.

More recently Alan Nichol, co-founder and CTO of LASTMILE, a conversational AI company talked about structure and flexibility in dialogue systems.

EdIntelligence are planning web-based competitions and challenges, and are organising a group to work on a kaggle challenge for the upcoming Festival of Creative Learning.

Finally yet importantly, the society organises fortnightly socials, which are advertised through their Facebook group.

Useful links

EdIntelligence Website

Facebook group

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