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New student society: EaRS (Embedded and Robotics Society)

EaRS is the newest student society in the School of Informatics.


The University of Edinburgh Embedded and Robotics Society brings together a community interested in embedded development and robotics. Their plan is to run events on a weekly basis starting next semester. Expect lots of workshops and drop-in sessions allowing everyone to work on their personal project with mentorship available. Plans are in place for a hardware hackathon or two. They are putting together some exciting events for the fresher's week and plan to invite outside speakers bringing in their expertise. Topics of their events will be ranging from electronics to software and the mechanical, building side of robotics.

Society’s objectives

Agnieszka Wasikowska is the president of the society; Cameron MacLeod and Mayank Gupta are the secretary and treasurer respectively. Agnieszka explains:

“When we started at the university, we were looking forward to take part in lots of hands-on events outside of our courses. We were disappointed, however, to find that there were few appropriate opportunities available for us around the university. So we decided to do something about it and create our own society that would offer lots of workshops and events allowing you to dive into the material. We'll be definitely hosting talks as well, but we want to focus mostly on hands-on, interactive events.”

Events and plans

EaRS ran their first workshop on 17th April.  It was an introductory electronics workshop in uCreate Studio. It included a module about basic components, and then building more advanced circuits by the attendees.  The workshop was full and the feedback very positive.

The society is open to any students who want to join and become full members. The cost is slightly higher for non-University of Edinburgh students. Events are open to non-members as well. Attendees will be informed of the difficulty level and pre-requisite knowledge in advance.

EaRS haven't organised a social yet and are on the look out for a social secretary who would organise them in the future.

Events are all free to attend and advertised on Facebook, you can also join their mailing list if you want to be up to date with their events.

Mailing list

EaRs on Facebook

EaRS website

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