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Newly refurbished Appleton Tower popular on Doors Open Day

Over 100 visitors came on Saturday 23rd September to enjoy the view from level 7 of Appleton Tower, including a number of alumni and other guests with surprising connections to the building.


Due to continuing building works, visitors were not able to visit level 9 but they enjoyed the views of the city from a new meeting room and one of the tutorial rooms on level 7. Both rooms are newly refurbished and still smelling of fresh paint. They offer amazing views of Edinburgh.

Demonstrations of research

Informatics students Karel Kuzmiak and Connie Crowe introduced the visitors about their projects: tablet game that supports communication between children on the spectrum and their peers through combining music and puzzles (Karel) and a tool to teach future developers password security (Connie). Marty the Robot was also on display, courtesy of Robotical, company set up by the School of Informatics alum, Sandy Enoch.

Our visitors

Visitors from all walks of life popped in, including School’s alumni, some from years ago. One of them was Irene Buchanan who did her PhD in the late 70s in the Department of Computer Science, a predecessor to School of Informatics.

At the very end of the day, an unexpected visitor came in: Mary Jane, daughter of Alan Reiach, the architect who designed the Tower. ‘He would have loved the minimalistic interiors after the refurbishment’ she told us. ‘And he would have loved the idea of all glass level 9’.

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