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Smart Data Hack highlighted

The hackathon has been showcased in Teaching Matters and the ILW Awards.

Young people around a computer screen during a previous Smart Data Hack

Smart Data Hack is a five-day team challenge which brings students together in Innovative Learning Week (ILW) to solve real-world problems by combining their skills in digital technology, business analysis and design.

This year’s organisers, Smart Data Hack founder Professor Ewan Klein and Informatics undergraduate Angel Ignatov, have won an ILW Team Choice Award in recognition of their enthusiasm, passion and hard work.

At the same time Teaching Matters, the University’s new website for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, has chosen Smart Data Hack as the subject of one of its first blog posts.

Previous participant Kim Taylor is quoted in the blog as saying:

“By the end of the week our team had a prototype of an Android app that made use of data provided by the Edinburgh Council. Since then we’ve been fortunate enough to gain the support to continue developing the app. Learning by ‘doing’ helps us to see for ourselves how our skills can be put to use in real-life applications.”

Professor Klein is our Professor of Language Technology, an Ambassador for Open Knowledge Scotland, and a co-founder of Prewired and of Edinburgh Living Lab. Prewired is an Edinburgh programming club for under 19s. Edinburgh Living Lab is an evolving partneship of stakeholders which aims to encourage innovation in services, processes and products in the city, to make life better for citizens and businesses .

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