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Scotland and Estonia: building digital services

Estonian Ambassador Lauri Bambus will visit the University, 26 April 2016, to discuss digital success.

Mr Bambus will be accompanied by representatives from six companies - Nortal, Cybernetica, Datel, Mooncascade, Mobi Lab and PwC Legal Baltics.

The Estonian Embassy is working with with Professor Stuart Anderson and Dr Jean Carletta, from the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics, to organise a morning of talks and networking around the theme of ‘Building successful digital services.’ 

The seminar aims to foster greater understanding between Scotland and Estonia in the areas of e-governance, digital public services, smart cities and cyber security.

The event, to be held in 50 George Square, is by invitation only.

Estonia has the highest number of start-ups per head in the world, and the most comprehensive e-Government, with over 3,000 digital public services, more than 200 million digital signatures and the most frequently used national public-key infrastructure. Estonia is also the birthplace of Skype, TransferWise, Grabcad and other ICT innovators.

An earlier seminar, ‘Scalability in Business, Tech & Entrepreneurship,’ will be held at at Codebase and is open to the public.

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