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Quiz a Whiz with the RSE

Professor of Robotics Sethu Vijayakumar FRSE discusses his research in the latest video from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Professor Vijayakumar FRSE photographed (on the left) in 2013 with the then-RSE President Sir John Arbuthnott
Prof Vijayakumar (left), photographed in 2013 with Sir John Arbuthnott, then President of the RSE

Quiz a Whiz is a new YouTube series from Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). School pupils and teachers are encouraged to submit a question and the RSE asks a leading expert to record the answer.

Professor Vijayakumar holds a Personal Chair in Robotics in Informatics and is the Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, a joint initiative between the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University.

Recently he has also found fame as the new judge in the cult BBC 2 show, Robot Wars.

In the four-minute Quiz a Whiz video, he is asked:

  • What made you interested in science?
  • Could you explain your research in robotics?
  • What will be the next big discovery in robotics?
  • If someone wanted a career designing and building robots, how would they go about it?

Quiz a Whiz is a brilliant way for the Royal Society of Edinburgh to share easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks of science because it answers the questions people really want to ask.

Professor Vijayakumar

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