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EU award for Bonseyes

Dr Amos Storkey and Professor Mike O’Boyle have been awarded €680,876 from Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation programme.

Dr Amos Storkey
Dr Amos Storkey

Dr Storkey and Professor O’Boyle will be Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator respectively in a three-year, €7.4m project called ‘Bonseyes.’ Partners include emotion-analytics company nViso, which will co-ordinate the work.

Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence

Bonseyes aims to develop a platform consisting of a data marketplace, deep learning toolbox, and developer reference platforms for organisations wanting to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices (edge computing), embedded computing systems, or data centre servers (cloud computing’).

It is expected to deliver significant improvements in efficiency, performance, reliability, security, and productivity in the design and programming of systems of artificial intelligence that incorporate smart cyber physical systems.

Dr Storkey says:

“Modern artificial intelligence methods for intelligent devices rely on centralised large-scale computing resource. However, many other functions can now be done on the device itself. This begs the question how we can transform and optimise AI techniques like deep learning to perform well under the computational constraints of embedded processing. Achieving this will enable the shift toward truly decentralised intelligent devices. Informatics, Edinburgh will be contributing its deep-learning and compiler optimisation expertise to this endeavour.”

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Bonseyes platform, four complementary demonstrators will be built: Automotive Intelligent Safety, Automotive Cognitive Computing, Consumer Emotional Virtual Agent, and Healthcare Patient Monitoring.

Aligned with European FIPPP

Bonseyes’ platform capabilities will be aligned with European Future Internet Public-Private Partnership Programme (FI-PPP) activities and take advantage of its flagship project FIWARE.

The successful funding bid was made in response to the H2020-ICT-2016-2017 Call, under Research and Innovation Action. The work will start in January 2017.

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