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Edinburgh Award recipients 2016

Congratulations to 23 students in the School of Informatics who completed an Edinburgh Award this year.

The Edinburgh Award is one of the opportunities offered to students to support them with their development and further enhance their career prospects. The Award recognises extra-curricular activities such as volunteering, part-time work and getting involved in the University community. Approved activities include InfPALS, our peer support initiative for 1st year Informatics students.

Completing the Award involves students analysing their experiences, the impact they have made and the skills/abilities they have developed.

Students who successfully complete the Edinburgh Award receive a certificate of recognition from the University and an entry on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEARs) - an expanded record of their achievements within the University.

Successful students

This year’s successful students (and their qualifying activities) are:

  • Stilyan Ivanov (InfPALS)
  • Carina Kaltenbach (InfPALS)
  • Ankit Sonkar (InfPALS)
  • Giovanni Alcantara (Work Experience)
  • Mattias Appelgren (Employ.ed on Campus)
  • Andy Brown  (Employ.ed on Campus)
  • Keith Donaldson (Employ.ed on Campus)
  • Fraser Lennon (Employ.ed on Campus)
  • Ciprian Brezeanu (Resident Assistants)
  • Alessio Brozzi (Resident Assistants)
  • Claudia Libbi (EUSA: Representing Students)
  • Benedetta Mussati (EUSA: Representing Students)
  • Katie Worton (EUSA: Representing Students)
  • Ramona Comanescu (Resident Assistants)
  • Connie Crowe (Sports Union Club Management)
  • Martin Georgiev (Work Experience)
  • Mariya Lazarova (Resident Assistants)
  • Emanuel Martinov (Work Experience)
  • Michael Inglis (Summer Work Experience/Volunteering: International)
  • Catalina Rotaru (Resident Assistants/Sports Union Club Management)
  • Nikita Samarin (Work Experience)
  • Paul Scherer (Resident Assistants)
  • Peter Stefanov (Resident Assistants)

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