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Congratulations Ronan Turner

Ronan Turner has been Highly Commended in The Undergraduate Awards.

Ronan Turner

Ronan was in his final year when he applied and graduated with a First Class degree this summer. His winning paper was entitled, ‘AlphaAP: Achieving Weighted Throughput in Virtualised WLANs.’

The Undergraduate Awards is an international academic awards programme that recognises innovation and excellence at undergraduate level. It aims to identify leading creative thinkers through their coursework and provide top performing students with support, a network and opportunities to raise their profiles and further their career paths.

The organisers say Ronan’s paper performed in the top 10% of their 2016 programme.

“We want to congratulate you on this fantastic achievement,” they wrote. “As a Highly Commended Entrant in The Undergraduate Awards, you have been identified as an outstanding academic at the international level.

“This year, we received 5,514 submissions from students in 243 universities across 40 countries. Your paper made it to the top 10% of all submissions in our Computer Sciences category, after being assessed by a panel of academics from universities around the world.”

Ronan’s paper was supervised by Dr Paul Patras.

In his third year, Ronan was awarded two School prizes: the FreeAgent Judges Prize for his System Design Project and a Google Prize: Top Performance in Computer Science Large Practical.

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