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Building links with Peking

Four Peking University students join us, 6 July-30 August 2016.

Peking students Hangfeng He, Dayou Du and Jin Zhu

For the third year in succession, Informatics welcomes students from Peking University’s Department of Computer Science and Technology, for an intensive research summer school.

Students Hangfeng He, Dayou Du, Jin Zhu and Yilong Li (not pictured), will be supervised by Professor Bonnie Webber, Dr Christophe Dubach, Dr Vijay Nagarajan and Dr Michael Hermann, respectively.

Their research will look at the Self-organisation of robot behaviour, Chinese/English statistical machine translation, High performance code generation and Enforcing memory consistency efficiently.

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Visiting Peking students

Peking University’s School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science


The arrival of students from Peking University to begin a two-month period of participation in Informatics research groups is the latest example of our growing engagement with Chinese universities in general and Peking University in particular.

Professor Henry S ThompsonVisit Co-ordinator