School of Informatics

Learning App Developed by Informatics Graduate is Nominated for Award

A learning APP for children developed by the company TigerFace Games, which specialises in tablet based games, has been nominated for a 'Best Learning App' award by iKids.


TigerFace games use a multi-touch interface to enable two children to talk and work together to solve a puzzle using the same device. They develop for iOS, Android and SMART Table platforms.

The company is based in Edinburgh and founded by Managing Director Kate Ho who is a graduate of the School of Informatics where she studied for a PhD in requirements engineering.

In partnership with Fingerprint, a mobile entertainment network for kids, TigerFace Games have developed seven new collaborative learning apps that allow kids and families to play and learn together.

This multi-title release on the Fingerprint Play network is inspired by the power of collaborative learning. Ideal for home or school, these new apps allow kids in groups of two to four players to team up or go head-to-head to hone their math, science and language skills using a single tablet.

The iKids Awards will be held in New York on February 13th 2014.