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Successful ‘Hack the Burgh’ Hackathon

The ‘Hack the Burgh’ Hackathon was organised and hosted by CompSoc, the School of Informatics and Major League Hacking.


 The event, which lasted 30 hours straight and included 100 hackers from Universities around the UK, featured talks, presentations and prizes.

The prize winners were:

SourceFetch: an online service and Sublime Text plugin that allows you to turn descriptions of problems into actual working source code

SampleFinger: a 5-track looping/scrubbing sampler, controlled exclusively through the use of the hands, sensed by the Leap Motion

CoolBox: SMS-based Spotify Jukebox with Twilio

HealthMotion: communication method between patients and medical staff using leap motion technology.

CrowdSmile: Personalised greetings sent to cheer people up.

The event was a great success, with participants enjoying a fun and stimulating weekend event.

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