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Showcasing our MOOCs

Two of the School’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been featured by the University in a showcase of innovative open learning resources.

Professor Austin Tate’s 'Artificial Intelligence Planning' course and Areti Manataki's 'Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming' course were both selected for inclusion.

MOOCs are free online short courses, led by world-class academics and delivered to large cohorts of learners. Our MOOCs are offered through a partnership with Coursera, an education platform that works with top universities worldwide.

Building a learning community around the AI Planning MOOC

Professor Tate’s MOOC has been highlighted by the University of Edinburgh for the way in which it built an online learning community using a discussion forum, a community wiki and regular virtual world get togethers in the Venue @ Vue (Virtual University of Edinburgh). There are guest lecturers, community teaching assistants from the field and participants are challenged to create a digital artifact in YouTube.

Professor Tate says, “The whole framework of the course was definitely conceived as, and run as, a community of people interested in a common topic, and working together and exploring that space together. I was trying to reach different communities, and not just those interested in programming.”

The MOOC is taught by Dr Gerhard Wickler and Professor Tate.

Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming

This online course teaches children, teenagers and adults around the world how to program in Scratch, an easy to use visual programming language.

More importantly, it introduces the fundamental principles of computing and it helps learners to think like a software engineer.

Innovative aspects of this course include its development in partnership with Universidad ORT Uruguay and its delivery in both English and Spanish by Dr Areti Manataki and Dr Ines Friss de Kereki. The course covers concepts in the new computing curriculum and its license allows teachers to reuse videos and other learning resources in the classroom.

Dr Manataki also contributes to another MOOC, A Programar!, an introduction to programming in Spanish.

Philosophy and the Sciences

Informatics staff also contribute to a third MOOC, taught by a number of academics across the University. The Philosophy and the Sciences course looks at the historical and philosophical foundations of contemporary science and explores cutting-edge debates in the philosophy of the physical and cognitive sciences.

Teachers of the course include Professor Barbara Webb, Professor of Biorobotics at our Institute for Perception, Action and Behaviour and Dr Peggy Series, a lecturer in our Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation.

Shakers, makers and co-creators

Projects by Informatics staff and undergraduates have also been featured recently in the University’s ‘Shakers, makers and co-creators’ showcase.

Look out for ‘Building booked.ed’ and ‘Smart Data Hack’ in the Shakers, makers and co-creators’ link below.

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