School of Informatics

National Student Survey Results 2014

The National Student Survey (NSS) is a national survey, which has been conducted by Ipsos MORI annually since 2005. It gathers opinions from mostly final year undergraduates on the quality of their courses. Aimed at current students, the survey asks undergraduates to provide honest feedback on what it has been like to study their course at their institution.

The survey runs across all publicly funded Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Additionally, Further Education Colleges (FECs) in England and Further Education Institutions (FEIs) in Wales with directly funded Higher Education students are eligible to participate.

For 2014 the School of Informatics performed well and made significant improvements since 2013 particularly in the area of feedback.

The key results for the School of Informatics are summarised below:

  • Overall satisfaction levels were high at 90%; higher than the average rates of satisfaction for the University as a whole (82%) and in line with other UK computer science departments (89%).
  • Levels of satisfaction were highest for ‘I.T. Resources’ (98%), ‘Contact Staff’ (97%) and ‘Course Stimulating’ (93%). All of these rates of satisfaction are higher than the previous year.
  • Levels of satisfaction were lowest for Feedback; ‘Feedback Clarified’ (49%), ‘Detailed Comments’ (54%) and ‘Feedback Prompt’ (61%). However these figures are significantly improved on the results from 2013 which were 31%, 20% and 29% respectively.
  • The School was measured across 21 different areas and satisfaction rates of above 75% were recorded for 15 out of the 21 areas.

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