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Improving Cyclists’ Safety with Design Informatics

Four students studying Design Informatics took on a project to address how cyclists feel when out on the road.

Using an EEG (electroencephalogram) headset to measure brain activity and Google Glass to record participants’ points of view, the team were able to collect data about the stress levels of cyclists riding through the city.

We started with a fast hackathon, which is basically just a weekend of initial research. After this research, the team hypothesised that it was a lack of confidence that was holding people back from cycling with other traffic, and so they developed a way to measure this more effectively.

Kim TaylorBSc Cognitive Science

Participants were also encouraged to talk about how they were feeling while out on their bike so that the Google Glass could record an audio diary of their experience. The visual footage and audio recordings were matched against the varying stress levels recorded by the EEG headset to inform the data.

We didn’t know how to work with the EEG headset at first. We had a lot of help from the Mobility, Mood and Place project and from Dorothea Kalogianni [an Architecture PhD student at ECA]. Dorothea showed us how to work the equipment, and showed us some examples of previous data recordings.

Michal WasilewskiMSc Design Informatics

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