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Innovative Science to Help Economic Recovery

An article in the Times newspaper has featured the 'Edinburgh Science Triangle' which includes sectors such as informatics, life sciences and energy, as a key driver to push the economic recovery.

The Times

The article stresses the importance of collaboration between firms who are "needing research and development and those that can provide it" such as universities and science parks.

Innovation can drive Scotland towards permanent growth, and establishing global networks will lie at the heart of success.

The Times

The School of Informatics is described as a 'key asset' for showing the value of networks driving innovation.

Major events such as DEMOfest and Engage Invest Exploit, along with networking opportunities and entrepreneurial activity provided through the commercial team and Informatics Ventures were praised.

There is a clear link between cluster strength and patent output. That, in turn, has an impact on regional economic performance.

European Cluster Observatory2007 Report

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