School of Informatics

Buy a Maths Theorem

Struggling with ideas on what to buy your loved ones this Christmas? Why not buy them their own theorem.

TheoryMine, a spin out company from the School of Informatics, now based in Appleton Tower, are a novelty gift company.

For a small fee, researchers at TheoryMine and the School of Informatics will generate a new mathematical theory and name it whatever the buyer wishes.

The system works by taking existing mathematics and extending it in new ways.

It uses grammars of theories and theorems to generate candidates, it then filters out the obviously false and uninteresting ones, then uses automated reasoning to see which of the remainder it can prove.

Since theorems are abstract objects which are are true always and everywhere, they are not subject to wear and tear and will last forever.

Mathematics is often seen as being very complex and only accessible to a few intelligent people. We’re developing a fun approach that allows more people to become interested in maths and could help bring some more brilliant minds to the subject.

Flaminia CavalloOne of the founders of TheoryMine

Customers are provided with a certificate containing a statement of the theorem, a summary of its proof and the definitions of the functions and types occurring in that theorem.

TheoryMine was formed through the University’s LAUNCH programme, which allows students to begin their own companies. Orders for theorems are now being taken.