School of Informatics

SpaceBook Project secures funding

The School of Informatics and the School of GeoSciences have successfully secured European funding as part of a consortium to develop location enabled technology that enables navigation and exploration of cities.

The SpaceBook Project will combine viewshed modelling of the city, and locational information of the pedestrian to predict features of interest in the field of view.

A critical component of the project is that all interaction and learning of the environment is dialogue based - leaving the pedestrian completely ‘eyes free’ and ‘hands free’ as they amble round the city. The dialogue interaction will enable users to learn about their environment as they move through it by asking questions, as well as follow spoken wayfinding directions generated by the device.

The lead institution is Umea University, Sweden. In addition to The University of Edinburgh, the other consortium members are Heriot-Watt, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, University of Cambridge, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and Liquid Media, a Swedish software house.