School of Informatics

Science Festival 2011

Science Festival talks and events at the Forum and Inspace.


This year the Edinburgh International Science Festival (EISF) runs from 9th to 22nd April. Talks are being held in the Informatics Forum every night and feature topics ranging from the search for the god particle and debates on climate change through to geology and psychology.

Speakers include professors Ian Deary and Lindsay Paterson, Ian Sample, Professor Richard Wiseman, Iain Stewart, Simon Baron-Cohen, Alan Newell and Lord Rees.

In Inspace, Informatics researchers will be presenting the robocup 2011 team, Edinferno and Mike Lincoln will be discussing his 'Instrumented Meeting Room' project. Other events include music from Chris Watson, debates with Professor Kevin Warwick, Dr Jenny Tillotson and Professor Nikola Serbedzija and Professors Joanna Wardlaw and Burkhard Schafer.