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Privacy and Security in the News

David Aspinall, who leads the new Centre for Cyber Security and Privacy at the University of Edinburgh, talks to BBC Radio Scotland about the importance of security online.

The programme looks into cyber security and privacy and finds out about how a new breed of spy has emerged in today's connected world. It explores issues around the use of personal data online and how users are often unwittingly more vulnerable than they know.

David discusses his work at the Centre for Cyber Security and Privacy which focuses on improving the security of application stores and devices. One example is a project in collaboration with researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University that looks to improve smart phone security:

Some of our research looks at continuous authentication which uses the multitude of sensors on the phone as a kind of biometric signature which reflects what a user does on a day to day basis. This information- such as the way a user holds a device, its location and environment, can be used as a form of authentication which can augment or replace a traditional password.

Dr David AspinallSchool of Informatics