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Informatics researchers win John Logie Baird Award

The John Logie Baird Innovation Awards celebrate Scotland's newest generation of inventors and innovators. Among the winners this year was Speech Graphics Ltd, a speech technology and computer animation company.

Based in the School of Informatics, Speech Graphics Ltd offers the most advanced lip sync solution for the video game industry.

Modern games can include thousands of hours of recorded speech, all of which requires production of synchronised facial animation. The Speech Graphics solution is audio-driven animation, which analyses an input audio signal and automatically moves an animated character's face in synchrony with the audio.

Michael Berger, a PhD candidate, and Dr Gregor Hofer, a postdoctoral researcher from the University's School of Informatics have been working intensively with the University's student company formation service LAUNCH.ed for nearly a year and have recently been awarded a SMART Scotland innovation grant worth £70,000 for a full commercial feasibility study.

The company won the award for 'Knowledge Transfer Champion' and were honoured in front of 300 industry experts and guests, including John Logie Baird's grandson, Ian Baird.

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