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iVenture Tuesdays launched by Tom Farmer

Informatics Ventures launched their latest innovative and exciting series of seminars for entrepreneurs this week, called iVenture Tuesdays.

The iVenture Tuesday series invites Scotland’s leading entrepreneurs to take SMEs through a motivational journey inspiring the talent of tomorrow to drive forward their dreams and ambitions and who better to lead these sessions than those that have already achieved it.

Colin AdamsProgramme Director at Informatics Ventures

The series builds on the solid foundations Informatics Ventures has laid over the last few years, delivering 28,027 hours of executive entrepreneurship education to 985 participants from 617 different enterprises to achieve its aim of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation from academic research into business. The seminars will take place of the last Tuesday of the month throughout Scotland and are free and open to anyone who registers in advance.

Sir Tom Farmer was the inaugural keynote speaker giving a talk entitled “People Make the Business” to an audience of over 200.

Now is an important time for the Scottish economy and it is crucial for its future growth and success that we help, support and inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to take the leap and start their own businesses. I aim to share some of my own thoughts and experiences and in particular reinforce the invaluable role that people play in any business. Staff that are recognised and valued will significantly contribute to the success of an organisation and this should not be underestimated.

Sir Tom Farmer