School of Informatics

Informatics Innovative Learning Week 18th to 22nd February 2013

Innovative Learning Week (ILW) is a week-long programme of creative and experiential learning events that gives students a chance to develop new skills.


During ILW regular lectures and tutorials will be replaced with exciting opportunities to gain a new perspective on Informatics.

We have a packed calendar of events and invite our students to come along to as many as they like. A full list of Informatics events can be viewed here:

Whats On: A Taster of Events

Smart Data Hackathon, daily @ 10am to 5pm, Inspace and Appleton Tower 2.12

Take part in the hack (which involves making something cool, learning new skills, eating free food and maybe winning great prizes!).


Dare to be Fair, 21st @ 2pm, Informatics Forum G03

This workshop will discuss why equality and diversity are important topics, particularly in the workplace, and how unconscious bias can have a negative impact. You will have a chance to assess your own unconscious biases and explore ways to overcome them.

Programming Interview Workshops, 18th, 19th and 20th @2pm, Appleton Tower 2.12

Learn how to pass the programming tests that many companies request at interviews. Limited places so book now!

Robotics and Decision Making Workshop, 21st @ 2pm, Informatics Forum G07

Find out more about the School’s work on robotics with Prof. Subramanian Ramamoorthy.

Communication Skills with Teach First, 18th@ 2pm, Informatics Forum G07

Whatever profession you chose in life you will always need to communicate well. This event, organised by Teach First will ask participants to explore different communication skills and think about how they communicate. Feedback will be given along with refreshments!